From the 11th-17th December, CityMunch will launch their first food waste week campaign in Manchester. By teaming up with the city’s best independent restaurants & volunteers – we aim to completely eradicate food waste for an entire whole week!

Food waste isn’t the sexiest environmental issue… I think renewable energies holds that title.  However, it’s a global problem that needs to be addressed in conjunction with the growing trends of homelessness in the UK. Manchester in particular has seen a 33% increase in people living on the streets and in temporary accommodation since June 2016.

With a little help from technology, CityMunch will help restaurants reduce food waste by offering up to 90% off remaining items at the end of the day. Delicious items that aren’t sold will be collected and donated to those less fortunate across the city centre.

Rob Lynch, CEO and Founder of CityMunch says Christmas is a time for indulgence, but a shocking amount of what we buy in the festive season ends up in the bin. With our technology, restaurants can connect with users in real-time, letting them know when they have excess food and tempting them in with an offer. If restaurants can cut their food waste to zero, maybe we as households can do our bit too.”

CityMunch’s little helpers!

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