Because they bloody deserve it

A perk your team will love you for

What’s the deal?

Lunch. The best time of the working day. A chance for everyone to take a breather, catch up with colleagues and chow down on something worthy of the work they put in every day. It’s our aim to make lunch as good as it possibly can be. 

CityMunch is an outsourced office canteen, curating the most interesting lunch spots around Shoreditch and the City and putting exclusive discounts of up to 50% directly in your team’s pockets. 

Why CityMunch Premium?

Local lunch deals

Genuinely interesting lunch options for your employees, within their budget. 59% of CityMunch customers use the app at least once a week. 

Productive team

Lunch helps promote getting out of the office and team bonding. Both great for health and happiness. And happy people do more, according to Warwick Uni.

Simple to set up

     10 minute set up time. Employees simply download the app and type in a membership code. Job done.

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