Reach a new audience

The right offers, to the right people

Increase your footfall

By connecting venues and potential customers in real time, we can help manage demand throughout the day. With every promotion, you create opportunities to encourage new and repeat custom by extending peak times, boosting sales during down times and reducing end-of-day food waste.

Get to know your neighbours

Nearby offices are often a primary source of repeat customers. The CityMunch platform allows you to connect directly with neighbouring firms and create specific promotions for them.

Draw out valuable insights

CityMunch’s Analytics platform helps you learn about your customers. Discover what promotions work best for your business, and how you can use time-targeting to optimise your demand profile throughout the week.



Simple setup

Use any desktop or mobile device to create promotions. Our easy-to-use platform lets you set up, manage and track your promotions all from one place.

Direct channel

By providing you with a simple calendar of time-specific offers, we allow you to attract customers at times – and on terms – that suit your needs. 

Freemium model

We offer 30 free covers every month and charge just 50p per cover after that. Customers are immediately profitable with any upsell going direct to you.

Real-time control

Upload as many offers as you like, when you like. Take advantage of what’s happening around you and react to external conditions.

Low barriers

We don’t take payments or make bookings so we don’t interfere with existing systems. No integration or devices needed.

Track usage

Monitor which offers perform best for your business. We use data to test voucher thresholds and understand variations in demand.

CityMunch Unlimited
per diner
Target CityMunch users near you
• Free to list and start publishing offers
• First 30 diners free each month
• Reach all CityMunch customers in your area
• Access to CityMunch Insights
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CityMunch Corporate
per diner
Target nearby firms
• Free to set up, free to publish offers
• Target nearby firms and partner institutions
• Publish stock clearance offers
• Access to CityMunch Insights
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