Listen up techies! Lunch is served, via Slack.

Slack is everywhere. For the vast majority of London’s startup community, Slack is a hub of information, team communication and social activity, a place where people work on projects, arrange meetings and fire off GIFs. And, when hunger hits at 1pm, it’s a place where the lunch crew can plan their attack. But where to go? With so many options in and around Shoreditch, London’s techies are spoilt for choice.

But when there’s a cheeky discount involved…the decision can be made a whole lot easier.

With the CityMunch Slack bot you can get real-time discounts at restaurants nearby sent directly to your Slack channels with a couple of taps of your keyboard. You can hunt down offers by postcode, cuisine, location or simple keywords like ‘work’ and ‘home’. A voucher can be reserved within seconds (still in Slack) and is then emailed straight to your phone. Simply whip out the voucher and show it before completing payment at the restaurant.

The CityMunch Slack bot certainly isn’t just for those planning to eat lunch solo. Our bot can help you organise team lunches, quickly and cheaply. You don’t all have to part ways at the door and run in opposite directions to Pret, Itsu or EAT. Chat about which restaurant you’d like to try and as long as just one person reserves a voucher, your whole team can receive the discount. Build relationships with your colleagues whilst saving money – a win-win for your startup!

CityMunch Founder and CEO Rob explains our motivation behind building the Slack bot. “When working for a fast-paced startup, or any company really, the following things are key: taking breaks and getting up from your desk, sustaining energy through good food and building relationships with your team.”

Yup – the CityMunch Slack bot can help with all of these.

Download and give it a go here!