Get Their Attention

Tap into a new generation of customers

A new audience

CityMunch connects your restaurant directly with a new generation of local diners and businesses. Millennials are the most digitally connected generation in history, and 80,000 use CityMunch to help decide where to grab a bite

Real-time offers

CityMunch’s unique platform allows you to aim promotions at specific times of the day, and tweak these offers in real time, so you can boost offers on slow days, or deactivate them when you have a full house.

Customer analytics

CityMunch’s Analytics platform helps discover more about your customers. Find out which promotions work best for your business, and how you can use time-targeting to optimise your demand profile throughout the week.


Simple Setup

Our platform is easy-to-use and can be accessed from any desktop or mobile device. Create, track, and manage your promotions with ease, from one place.

Direct Channel

We provide you with a calendar that’s adjusted with time-specific offers. This allows you to attract customers at times and on terms to suit you.

Great Value

We only charge for the customers we bring you, at just 35p per cover. For restaurants who choose to partner with us, we’re offering a 3 month free trial.

Real-time control

Upload as many offers as you like, when you like. Take advantage of what’s happening around you and react to external conditions.

Low barriers

We don’t take payments or make bookings so we don’t interfere with existing systems. No integration or devices needed.

Track usage

Monitor which offers perform best for your business. We use data to test voucher thresholds and understand variations in demand.

CityMunch’s Broadgate Food Week transformed our area, drawing in new customers and boosting our sales figures to record highs.

Paul Hopper, Founder
Hop Vietnamese

It’s introduced our business to a lot of new customers. Easy to use and easy to track. Great tool for any food business.

Alec Owen, Founder
Baba G’s

CityMunch’s feedback feature could be even more useful than the offers themselves – there’s no easy way of getting good quality, specific feedback.

Jasper Wight, Founder
Chop’d, HiLo

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