What is CityMunch?

CityMunch connects restaurants and food trucks with diners in real time. Through the app, restaurants can publish offers to nearby consumers at times, and on terms, that suit them. And for diners, CityMunch helps you discover the best that your local food scene has to offer, without breaking the bank.

Where is CityMunch available?

We’re currently operating in London (strongest around Shoreditch and Old Street), Bristol, Manchester and Bath. If we’re not in your city yet – don’t worry. We’re working on it.

What kind of restaurants do we have on the app?

There’s a real trend towards new, interesting food that’s driven by stories and personalities, meaning that street food vendors and small indie restaurants are springing up everywhere. These are the type of places we choose to work with. Independents don’t have big marketing budgets to get their message out, and that’s where we can help.

How do I get a voucher?

Have a browse through the restaurants on the app using the list or map view. Look for coupon icons to select a voucher, then choose the number of diners you’ll be bringing. Press ‘Confirm.’ Simple!

How do I use a voucher?

Simply arrive during the vouchers active period and show your phone to the restaurants staff. When your bill arrives, you’ll see that your discount has already been subtracted. Win.  

So I don’t have to print anything out?

Nope – we don’t like wasting paper. CityMunch vouchers are on-screen only. Simply reserve the voucher and show the screen to the restaurant’s staff when you arrive.

Does a CityMunch voucher book me a table?

No. Restaurants are unlikely to have offers on if they’re full, but if you’re in any doubt it’s worth calling them in advance to make sure they have space. No need to mention you have a voucher at this stage.  

What do CityMunch vouchers cover?

Discounts apply to your entire food bill, excluding drinks.

The only time when you may not be able to use a CityMunch discount is if you’re already using a ‘personal’ deal – e.g. a student discount or dining card deal. You can only use one or the other.

How many people can benefit from a CityMunch discount?

As many as you like – as long as the restaurant can fit you in. If you’re a large party, it would be worth checking with the restaurant in advance.

How much does CityMunch cost?

Nothing! No download price, no subscription fees, no paying up front for deals. Just show your phone to the staff at the restaurant when you arrive and pay the (lower!) bill when the time comes!

What happens if I’m late? Or if one of my friends is late?

You’re only entitled to your discount if  you all arrive when the offer is active. If you or someone in your party arrives after the voucher expires, whether the discount applies is up to the restaurant.

What happens if I don’t show up?

If you can’t make it, please cancel your voucher well in advance. Not doing so makes it hard for the restaurant to plan their evening, and you may be depriving someone else of the voucher!

What are MunchCoins and how do I use them?

Earn ‘MunchCoins’ by referring friends to the app from the ‘MunchCoins’ section of your profile. These credits can be used to increase the discount on (almost!) any voucher by 5%.

Where can I give you feedback?

If you want to tell us something – we’re all ears. We’re continually trying to improve, so welcome feedback from our users. Please get in touch via feedback@citymunchapp.com.