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‘Twas the night before food waste week…

From the 11th-17th December, CityMunch will launch their first food waste week campaign in Manchester. By teaming up with the city’s best independent restaurants & volunteers – we aim to completely eradicate food waste for an entire whole week!

Food waste isn’t the sexiest environmental issue… I think renewable energies holds that title.  However, it’s a global problem that needs to be addressed in conjunction with the growing trends of homelessness in the UK. Manchester in particular has seen a 33% increase in people living on the streets and in temporary accommodation since June 2016.

With a little help from technology, CityMunch will help restaurants reduce food waste by offering up to 90% off remaining items at the end of the day. Delicious items that aren’t sold will be collected and donated to those less fortunate across the city centre.

Rob Lynch, CEO and Founder of CityMunch says Christmas is a time for indulgence, but a shocking amount of what we buy in the festive season ends up in the bin. With our technology, restaurants can connect with users in real-time, letting them know when they have excess food and tempting them in with an offer. If restaurants can cut their food waste to zero, maybe we as households can do our bit too.”

CityMunch’s little helpers!

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Food trends in London this summer

As summer rolls around in London, the excitement in people bubbles up as residents and tourists alike flock to the streets in search of entertainment and food. Whether you’re a tourist or a local Londoner, you will undoubtedly want to enjoy the best the city has to offer in terms of food.

It’s clear that street food is on the rise in London. Having a freshly made snack or meal made right in front of you is something that appeals to almost everyone. As such, demand for street food in London is on the rise, slowly but surely making itself out to be the ultimate summer food for all willing to brave the crowds to get it.  

Toasties and sandwiches are proving to be popular with casual eaters. They’re easy to prepare and you can eat them on the go – big plus points for those looking for a quick snack. You could say that the relative simplicity of the classic toastie makes it hard to innovate or improve upon. However, The Toastie Truck, a vintage food truck specializing in toasties and sandwiches, is certainly worth trying. Boasting combinations of three unique cheeses and crispy, sourdough bread, they’re a must try for all foodies.

For those looking for something a bit more hardcore, Indian food is bang on trend at the moment. The unique spices and flavours of Indian cuisine, go down very well with the typically multicultural taste buds of Londoners.  Talking of Indian street food, Baba Gs stands out high above the rest. Not only is the food delicious and unashamedly Indian, but their Naga Dehli Double is one of the largest and most filling burgers you’ll ever eat. It’s a delicious blend of sauces and perfectly cooked meat, that’s sure to leave you craving more.

If you love a drink with your food, then it’s recommended you visit Coqfighter, a food truck that advertises itself simply as “Chicken and Beer”. They serve possibly the best fried chicken that London has to offer, inspired by Korean flavours. Serving innovative menu items such as vodka-battered wings and panko fried whole chicken, you’re seriously in for a treat.

Lastly, Boca serve Latin-inspired empanadas, freshly baked every day. They cater to everyone, serving both vegan, vegetarian and meat options, all flavoured with a mix of ground coriander, cumin, smoked paprika, thyme and chilli. Their food is guaranteed to blow you away, leaving you with a taste for the more unknown cuisines in your neighbourhood.

Written by Tom Courcey, editor at The Idle Man menswear retailer based in London. Catering for everything from shirts to sunglasses, The Idle Man is the go-to destination for men’s fashion, lifestyle, grooming and music.




Introducing: The CityMunch Slack bot


Listen up techies! Lunch is served, via Slack.

Slack is everywhere. For the vast majority of London’s startup community, Slack is a hub of information, team communication and social activity, a place where people work on projects, arrange meetings and fire off GIFs. And, when hunger hits at 1pm, it’s a place where the lunch crew can plan their attack. But where to go? With so many options in and around Shoreditch, London’s techies are spoilt for choice.

But when there’s a cheeky discount involved…the decision can be made a whole lot easier.

With the CityMunch Slack bot you can get real-time discounts at restaurants nearby sent directly to your Slack channels with a couple of taps of your keyboard. You can hunt down offers by postcode, cuisine, location or simple keywords like ‘work’ and ‘home’. A voucher can be reserved within seconds (still in Slack) and is then emailed straight to your phone. Simply whip out the voucher and show it before completing payment at the restaurant.

The CityMunch Slack bot certainly isn’t just for those planning to eat lunch solo. Our bot can help you organise team lunches, quickly and cheaply. You don’t all have to part ways at the door and run in opposite directions to Pret, Itsu or EAT. Chat about which restaurant you’d like to try and as long as just one person reserves a voucher, your whole team can receive the discount. Build relationships with your colleagues whilst saving money – a win-win for your startup!

CityMunch Founder and CEO Rob explains our motivation behind building the Slack bot. “When working for a fast-paced startup, or any company really, the following things are key: taking breaks and getting up from your desk, sustaining energy through good food and building relationships with your team.”

Yup – the CityMunch Slack bot can help with all of these.

Download and give it a go here!


Bath launch


Today’s the day. We’re doing it.


If you’re lucky enough to walk past Green Park Station around 2pm, you may well see us enthusiastically handing out flyers and screaming the words ‘FREE PIZZA’.

Yup, you heard right. As we’re so damn excited for launch day – we’re teaming up with Pizza Bike and offering you lucky people (with the CityMunch app of course) a slice of free pizza to celebrate. So don’t be shy. Come on down and grab a slice of the action. Here’s the Facebook event to prove we’re not lying.

So we’re launching in Bath. So what?

We’re on a mission to repeat the success we’ve had in London and Bristol, and become the must-have app for Bath foodies wanting to explore their local independent restaurant scene without breaking the bank.

We feel yourJu pain. We know how damn right expensive eating out is these days. But fear not lovely people of Bath, with CityMunch you’ll be able to get exclusive discount vouchers straight to your phone, at the tap of a button.

What makes this possible is the real-time nature of our offers. Ever walked past a restaurant and thought – “jeez, that looks pretty dead”? Yep, we all have. No restaurant is ever as full as it would like to be all the time. But with CityMunch, restaurateurs can publish offers for times that suit them, keeping kitchens buzzing and helping reduce food waste. So not only will you be saving cash, you’ll be helping out your local restaurants owners. Win, win (they might even fist pump you).

In the words of our founder Rob – “The food scene in Bath is something we can really support. In an industry where national chains still dominate, we’re putting cutting edge tech in the hands of local independents and giving foodies the chance to try new places out without worrying about their wallets.” Word.

Without further ado – here’s the lowdown on some of the awesome restaurants we’re launching with.

Newly opened, family-run Piattino is a real Italian gem. Think pasta, pizza and all that good stuff. Piattino are proud supporters of independent suppliers and all of their produce is local, free range and organically sourced. Plus they’re a wine bar and jazz club – how cool.

These guys know how it’s done. No one’s going to say no to an artisan pizza and plate of BBQ wings, washed down with a great beer, a cider or a cocktail (or all three). The decor’s pretty edgy too – think boardsports, cycling and street art. Sweet.

JC’s Kitchen
A must visit for anyone living or visiting Bath. JC’s know how to do street food. They serve a mix of rotisserie chicken, pork belly, sourdough wraps, salads and experimental rice dishes. Tasty stuff.

Absurd Bird
A happy marriage of feel-good food with edgy, design-inspired interiors. These guys do chicken, and they do it good. Choose from their dedicated ‘Wing Shack’, range of ‘Dirty Buns and Sliders’ or go for a good old fashioned burger, wrap or sandwich. Or if you’re ravenous – get a whole bird down you. They’ve also got an absurdly good cocktail menu.

Cafe au Lait
For all you brunch fiends out there. Rumour has it, they do a pretty good ‘avocado toast’ (but make sure you add bacon). Plus they’re not just a brunch spot. They also serve lunch and dinner alongside cocktails, draught local beer and wine. Is there anything they can’t do? Doesn’t look like it.

Charm Thai
Who doesn’t love a bit of Thai? Charm’s menu takes you on a whistle-stop tour of the East, from Bangkok. Their food is packed full of fresh herbs, roots and dried and toasted spices. Prepare yourself for bold flavours and tingling taste buds. They can also whip you up an Asian inspired cocktail. Win.

Pies & Puds
Whether it’s Steak & Ale, Roasted Vegetable, Sticky Toffee or Spotted Dick, a good old traditional pie or pudding is quite simply, Britain on a plate. They bake their pies daily, using only the finest locally sourced ingredients. We’ve got a good filling about these guys…

Pizza Bike
They call themselves the smallest pizzeria in the world. Cute. You may also have seen them peddling their pizza all around Bath from their base in Green Park station. Now that’s dedication. These guys may be small – but they certainly don’t hold back on flavour, quality or freshness, only using locally sourced and organic ingredients. Time to get Dominoes off speed dial.

Ponte Vecchio
As you can probably tell, we’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Italian restaurants. Ponte Vecchio have got your carb cravings covered with fresh pizza and pasta. Or if it happens to be leg day – they’ve got some pretty succulent steaks too. Their restaurant is located in one of Bath’s most scenic dining spots – right next to Pulteney Bridge and the river Avon. So if you’ve got a Tinder date coming up – you know what to do. Reserve that voucher.

Pulteney Kitchen
A newly opened coffee shop in the heart of Bath. With the brightest blue exterior imaginable – you certainly can’t miss it. Pop down for a tasty lunch or a coffee and big slab of homemade cake. Perfect.

Creative Slider Company
As a pop-up, these guys have an ever changing menu, depending on their location and the night. Each menu can consist of classic combinations, quirky inventions or just God damn out of the ordinary madness. What is guaranteed though, is that the produce will be fresh, the food will be plentiful and and the fun will be next level. Make sure you check them out.

That’s the wall of fame for now.

But if you’ve got other ideas for who you’d like to see on the app, make sure to send us some restaurant recommendations through the app. We’ll reward you in MunchCoins (aka, extra money off your food!). Get on it.

Over ‘n’ out for now – until we take over another city.


Bristol launch


Tuesday was the big blow-out launch day for CityMunch

…and didn’t it go down well!

Outside the ASS Library free pizza was flying out of a cool converted Landrover, delivering perfect slices of goodness to cheer up fellow library-goers.

The slices were provided by Pizzarova, a brilliant sourdough pizza shop on Gloucester Road and one of the Bristol founder restaurants on the CityMunch app! The pizza was fantastic and much appreciated by hungry students.

Some say that good things never come for free – this may have proved otherwise! Don’t worry if you missed it though, Pizzarova have got some great offers (some at 50% off!) on the app so go and check them out.

They really are as good as they look The main event, taking place in the White Rabbit, saw hordes of second and third year students indulge in cheap drinks and discounted food.

A special CityMunch launch-party deal offered half-price pizza and £2 drinks, which meant that everyone was more than happy to support the launch (cheap booze always goes down well)!

Table football and beer pong provided a good laugh despite a noticeable decline in skill throughout the night! The White Rabbit is a great venue and another CityMunch founder member – they’ve got massive deals on almost all the time and they’re so close to Uni. Everyone there was friendly and the beer selection was on point – definitely one to check out!

The CityMunch media wall also managed to whip up some amusing moments as we had our time in the spotlight.

Overall, the CityMunch launch was a thoroughly enjoyed success and whether people enjoyed a slice of pizza, or got stuck in with some pints, everyone will be looking for more great deals from CityMunch in Bristol.