Tuesday was the big blow-out launch day for CityMunch

…and didn’t it go down well!

Outside the ASS Library free pizza was flying out of a cool converted Landrover, delivering perfect slices of goodness to cheer up fellow library-goers.

The slices were provided by Pizzarova, a brilliant sourdough pizza shop on Gloucester Road and one of the Bristol founder restaurants on the CityMunch app! The pizza was fantastic and much appreciated by hungry students.

Some say that good things never come for free – this may have proved otherwise! Don’t worry if you missed it though, Pizzarova have got some great offers (some at 50% off!) on the app so go and check them out.

They really are as good as they look The main event, taking place in the White Rabbit, saw hordes of second and third year students indulge in cheap drinks and discounted food.

A special CityMunch launch-party deal offered half-price pizza and £2 drinks, which meant that everyone was more than happy to support the launch (cheap booze always goes down well)!

Table football and beer pong provided a good laugh despite a noticeable decline in skill throughout the night! The White Rabbit is a great venue and another CityMunch founder member – they’ve got massive deals on almost all the time and they’re so close to Uni. Everyone there was friendly and the beer selection was on point – definitely one to check out!

The CityMunch media wall also managed to whip up some amusing moments as we had our time in the spotlight.

Overall, the CityMunch launch was a thoroughly enjoyed success and whether people enjoyed a slice of pizza, or got stuck in with some pints, everyone will be looking for more great deals from CityMunch in Bristol.