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Fill a slow day

CityMunch lets you attract customers on your terms. Create deals at times and discounts that suit your business.

Simple but Flexible

Set up offers on a slow day, de-activate them when 20 customers walk in – it’s your toy!

Get the word out!

Set up a referral scheme and give customers bonuses for referring their friends.

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50p per cover, with 30 covers FREE every month, and no contract to sign.

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A Powerful New Tool

  • You’re in control: CityMunch’s Offer Calendar allows you to set a weekly profile of offers at times and discount levels to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking to create a lunchtime buzz or shore up those slow Monday evenings, you’re in charge.
  • A whole new audience: Whatever reason someone has for eating outside peak times, you’re now on their radar.
  • Spread the word: If you’ve spruced up your lunch menu, you’re under new management or you just happen to be off the beaten track, CityMunch allows you to get the word out in minutes
  • Minimal staff training: Customers show their voucher to your staff on arrival. If it’s valid at that moment, they should apply the discount to the customer’s food bill and note the voucher number. Whenever is practical, they tick off the voucher online on your CityMunch account. It’s that simple!

Amazing Value

  • We mean it: You don’t pay us anything unless we make a real impact on your business.
  • Simple, freemium model: 30 free covers every month; 50p per cover after that.
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