10 restaurants you need if you’re going to be well-fed without digging too deep into your overdraft

Big Fernand

Best burgers in town. Seriously, forget GBK and Byron, this is prime burger with French cheese and different meats including beef and chicken, but also veal and lamb (and Portobello mushroom for vegetarians). They also make reallyyyyy good chips.

Tip: You can get them with 40% off from 12 to 1pm Monday to Friday with CityMunch.

Hare Krishna

If you’re REALLY budget, you can head over to the Hare Krishna food stand next to the SOAS library; the food is free and the portions are filling, if you don’t mind queuing for a while.

The Japanese Canteen

This is where half of UCL goes for lunch. Everybody agrees it’s a little pricey, but everybody goes anyway.

East Street

A little less well known, East Street is the delight of those willing to seek lunch further than 10 minutes from uni. Hidden at 3 Rathbone Place (2 minutes away from Roxy, if anyone ever goes there anymore), East Street prepares a huge range of Asian street foods for very affordable prices.

Tip: 20% off from 2 to 7pm with CityMunch!

Planet Organic

If any of you are concerned about eating healthy, organic or light, last year would have seen you running to Planet Organic on Torrington Place to fight your way with other students and nearby office workers for the last kale and tomato salad. Lucky for you, another huge Planet Organic shop just opened up on Tottenham Court Road this summer!


This lovely German bakery at the top of Tottenham Court Road makes great bread, delicious striezels, wuppis and other baked goodies, and really nice sandwiches for that Tuesday when you’re looking for nice, healthy and affordable good food on the go before you revise for that 2pm quizz our teacher thinks you don’t know about. Who said sandwiches weren’t brainfood?

Thai Metro & Siam Central

Legend has it that those two delicious Thai restaurants are owned by the same house. Nevertheless, generations of UCL students have taken sides and argued ferociously over which of these two is the best. Which side are you on?
(Author’s note: Siam Central is the best, by the way)


If you want to impress your date with your worldliness, or just try something new with friends, we recommend Archipelago. It’s 5 minutes away from UCL near Warren Street, and it is full of weird and wonderful food discoveries. You can try python, kangaroo or locusts, and the restaurant itself is full of interesting bits and pieces from all over the world.

Tip: You can get 30% off your locusts (and all other food) from 12 to 2pm with CityMunch.