You’ve heard of freakshakes, you’ve already mastered bubble tea and you eat quinoa at every meal.

Well, London has more surprises for you!

Ready to try London’s newest food trends?


Poke is London’s newest and healthiest food trend; it’s the new, funkier cousin of sushi. Originally from Hawaii, the traditional poke combines marinated raw fish on a base of black rice, with pickles and shoyu sauce. It’s being adopted across London with loads of fun and crunchy additions, creating huge possibilities for your personalised poke bowls. You can find them at the Kerb, where extra toppings include Macadamia nuts, Edamame beans, Pickled cucumbers, Pickled ginger, Seaweed, Avocados, Mango, Ikura, Crispy onions and Furikake. If you’re a fan of sushi or sashimi, you should definitely give Poke a try!

Where you can find it: KERB markets, Ahi Poke, Tombo Poke, and from next week onwards, Black Roe Poke Bar

Bubble Waffles

Bubble waffles were inspired by Hong Kong egg puffs, a very popular street snack. Opinions differ on whether bubble waffles are a great idea or a terrible one, but the fact remains that they are a very exciting addition to the London food scene. They look like the result of an explosive night of passion between ice creams and a waffle maker drenched in candy, funfetti and chocolate, caramel or fruit sauces. Sounds awesome, right? Here too, the create-your-own options are numerous and fantastically varied, allowing you to design the perfect dessert or spawn a horror Frankenstein-like bubble waffle; it’s all up to you.

Where can you find them: Nosteagia at Pump Shoreditch


The Crone: Gone are the the doughy, lumpy and tasteless doughnuts of your childhood! After the cronut-gate of 2013, doughnuts have continued to revolutionize the global food news, with the rise of posh doughnuts everywhere. Doughnuts are still making waves this autumn with the introduction of the ice cream cone doughnut. Dum Dum Donutterie makes baked croissant-doughnut cones called crones (not at all ominous!), filled with Nutella, ice cream, fruits and various sauces. You can find them at Camden Market or Boxpark Shoreditch!

Posh doughnut: Sourdough donuts and other fancy doughnuts are available at Friends of Ours, Crosstown Doughnuts (inventors of the Sipsmith London Cup Gin & Lemon, the Mango Apple, the Watermelon & Lime, the Matcha Tea, the Crème Brulée, the Sea Salt Caramel Banana and the Dulce de Leche doughnuts, amongst many many others) and Bread Ahead Bakery. Oh, and let’s not forget Chiltern Firehouse: Crab meat doughnuts. I’m not even kidding.