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The Real-time Revolution

CityMunch grew out of a conversation with a London restaurateur. His problem was as old as the restaurant business itself: a restaurant that is packed at times, empty at others. In an on-demand world, dining was getting left behind. That’s when it clicked.

It was time to bring the real-time revolution to restaurants.

CityMunch puts hundreds of discounts at top restaurants, cafes and delis in the palm of your hand. We connect you with top eateries in your area, offering you incredible discounts with flexible timing.

Connecting you with our great restaurants means we can keep kitchens humming, reduce food waste and give you the chance to find your new favourite dish – all without breaking the bank. Never before have offers tasted so good!


Discounts off the food bill. No mess, no fuss.


One voucher covers you and your whole group. Easy. Plus, you’re supporting local business during quiet times.


Free to download, free to use.  We don’t take your card details, just pay the restaurant as normal, minus the great discount (obviously). 


Reserve the voucher and show your screen to the restaurant’s staff. Job done.

How does CityMunch work?

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